Flirting in Chat Room - How Good it is?

Love and flirting cannot be defined in few words. There are man chat rooms with many different features. Flirting is basically an interaction to get to know each other. There you need not be specific in letting know the other your interest in them. It is the way to show your interest on one person and you are going to simply know about how other feels while knowing about you. Most of the internet chat rooms are helping everyone to know each other online.

But no chat room is specially meant for flirting. Chat rooms are used for various purposes including flirting. Those who do flirting in chat rooms can exchange ideas and opinions in the liveliest manner using emoticons and action words. So you may feel as if you are talking to the person face to face. Computer minimizes the distance between two persons. As there is no chance of knowing how reactive the other person is, computer serves to be the best medium to interact. Your fear, inhibitions, embarrassment and other short comings won’t be displayed to other in the other end. So chatting or flirting online has its own advantages.

Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of flirting in chat rooms before you enter.

Disadvantages of flirting in chat rooms

There are several chat rooms like yahoo, AOL, MSN and ICQ available online. Even smaller private companies are now equipped with chat rooms. Though computer is the best medium of communication, there are many disadvantages too. But many are misleading the chat rooms usages. There are many adult and aged men pretending to be young teens and they are not trustworthy too. But it is difficult to know how true a person who is on the other end. It is not a healthy criterion to fall in love with the person just for the attraction toward the screen name.

The screen of the person need not be the same person you took one for. They may be totally two different persons. Children must be on watch when they are in chat rooms. Parents must be ready with safety measures when they are allowing their children to chat and be cautious of the paedophiles loitering online. Don’t judge a person by the screen name. Screen name may appear to be trustworthy. Also don’t share too much of information when you chat online.

Flirting for flirting sake is harmless. One must be aware of the tactics to handle all types of situation that arises online. There are many people who know to play with others just with the intention to harass people. Getting addicted to the person on the other end is becoming common nowadays. So be clear that it will not affect your marriage life. Don’t take things too serious. Chatting online is not a big deal and not an offence. Consider about your safety and the feelings and aware that situations may turn detrimental anytime.

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